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ONE Campaign

One Client. One Attorney. One Promise.

For every individual who has received legal assistance in Manatee or Sarasota counties, another one was turned away because of the lack of resources available. The need is huge and the demand is great. Now more than ever, our community needs your help. The fact is only an attorney can fill this need.

Of the 1,800 attorneys in our area, only one third are registered with the local Legal Aid Pro Bono program. Through a grant funded by the Florida Bar Foundation,  we are launching the ONE campaign, a statewide initiative to recruit Pro Bono attorneys. Thousands of low income people in our community are denied entry to civil courts due to the inability to pay a lawyer. By volunteering your time annually or taking on a case, you are helping families, children, victims of abuse, the elderly and others to have equal access to justice.  No minimum time requirement is mandatory. Imagine the impact we could make if every attorney in our community helped one pro bono client.

Be the ONE who makes a difference today by completing a Pro Bono Form now.


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What are the benefits of being a Pro Bono Partner?

Some of the great benefits of volunteering include:

  • Free CLE training
  • Professional liability insurance is provided
  • Provides the practitioner an opportunity to expand or sharpen their legal skills
  • The satisfaction of knowing you changed a life by helping the less fortunate
  • Acknowledgement and recognition among peers and the community at large
  • Promotes a favorable impression of the legal profession
  • Fosters Networking within legal professional
  • Creates new business marketing opportunity